The MINT Lab is an interdisciplinary and international research collaborative of faculty and students at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, lead by Dr. Daniel Klug. Our work focuses on the interrelations between media, interaction, and technology.

Media. Our research focuses on mostly qualitative approaches to study the creation, consumption, and distribution of all kinds of digital media formats and digital media art by amateurs and professionals.

Interaction. We analyze social and cultural aspects of human-computer interaction, human-media interaction, and interactions of individuals with and about digital media and technology.

Technology. We are interested in understanding people’s practices and strategies in using digital technology to create, consume, and distribute digital media artifacts.


We are a growing group of researchers and students from various disciplines and backgrounds. We are always interested in new projects and interdisciplinary approaches to analyze all kinds of intersections of media, interaction, and technology. If you are a student, researcher, faculty member, journalist, or coming from industry etc. and are interested to work with us, send an email to